How to Start a Cafe Franchise

a cafe franchise


파란만잔 owns a coffee franchise that has over 100 locations across the Korea. She started the business in 2020 when she moved to Seoul from Busan. Her philosophy was to open a coffee shop with an open atmosphere that would be welcoming to the community. She also had a background in social work, so she knew that people would be able to interact with her.

카페창업 is a nationwide and international coffee franchise that began in Mandeville, Louisiana. The company now operates more than 100 stores in eight states and three countries. Phyllis PJ is a fan of cold-brewed coffee and the coffee she creates is two-thirds less acidic than traditional coffee. She also offers a variety of hot drinks, including honey-mixed coffee beverages.

JoAnne Shaw

JoAnne Shaw is a successful franchisee who got her start in the coffee industry in 1976. She and her husband Julius opened eight cafes before they decided to franchise. Since then, they have grown their company to over 190 units in the United States and abroad. She was even the first recipient of the Bonny LeVine Award, which honors women who are leaders in the franchising industry.

Founded by a husband-and-wife team in 1976, Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea has franchised across the country since 1985. The company is known for serving coffee and tea with diverse global influences. They also offer light fare and pastries. The company also sells its own coffee blends and bottled teas.

Xpresso Delight

The Xpresso Delight cafe franchise has disrupted the office coffee market with its proprietary 100% Arabica coffee bean blend and Swiss-made coffee machines. The franchise provides an A-to-Z solution with superior specialized service. The unique concept allows franchisees to focus on their core business and make their customers’ lives better.

The franchise company offers world-class training for its franchisees. It also provides training for up to two additional employees, if necessary. Franchisees are recommended to undergo this training with a qualified operational partner and manager.

PJ’s Coffee

Whether you are looking for a business opportunity to join an established company or you want to start a business in a new area, PJ’s Coffee franchises offer excellent opportunities. The company has more than 100 locations nationwide and internationally. PJ’s Coffee franchises require an initial franchise fee, and there are ongoing royalty fees that depend on the type of franchise you purchase.

The company specializes in coffee with a southern flair. It serves premium coffee and pastries and offers quality breakfasts and lunches. The coffee is roasted in small batches using only the best Arabica beans. The Chief Roastmaster is an experienced coffee expert who has been at his job for over 25 years.


The Blenz cafe franchise offers a unique concept for food and beverage services. They offer a range of coffees, pastries, light snacks and more. From breakfast to lunch, they have something for everyone on their menu. These coffeehouses are open seven days a week. Their training program consists of six weeks of classroom training and two sessions of store-based instruction. 프랜차이즈카페

Blenz Coffee franchisees can earn a variable income. But they must also meet expenses. Expenses include rent, staffing, inventory, supplies, utilities and administrative costs. The franchise fee is $35,000 and covers most of the initial operating costs.