Why You Need a Camera Shopping Mall

Malls are a popular destination for many people. They are large and have a wide variety of stores.

While malls are a great place to shop, they are also a prime target for thieves. That’s why they are often equipped with security cameras.


Malls are one of the most attractive targets for theft and crime. They have large crowds of people and huge amounts of money being exchanged.

Whether it’s a small petty shoplifting crime or something that could escalate into a larger threat, a camera can help catch a criminal in the act and give security guards a chance to intervene before it gets out of hand. This can also deter future crimes and save a shopping mall in repair costs and time spent investigating.

Surveillance cameras can be placed at key areas where visitors and employees regularly pass, such as entrances, intersections, elevators, lobbies and plazas. They can even be installed in parking garages, loading and delivery bays, hallways and storage areas.


If your shopping mall is known for frequent shoplifting, you need to put video cameras in place. This will help you track down shoplifters and prevent their theft.

In many cases, the camera footage can be used by law enforcement to charge the person involved. However, it is important to note that shoplifters are innocent until proven guilty.

Often, shoppers will push a cart of merchandise out without paying and then walk out the door. This is called a “pushout” and is a common way to avoid detection by busy employees.

Another common way to steal from a store is by changing price tags on items. This is known as tag switching and it is an illegal act that can lead to a shoplifting charge.

Employee Theft

Employee theft can occur in a variety of ways. From stealing merchandise, food, or cash to refund and credit card fraud, employees can cause significant damage to your business.

A smart camera system can catch these types of crimes on video, giving you solid evidence to prove wrongdoing. This video evidence can be shared securely with law enforcement and other relevant parties.

If you suspect that an employee is stealing from your store, it’s important to get objective video evidence of the incident before taking action. You can then use it to terminate the employee or press charges if necessary. 중고카메라 쇼핑몰


Privacy has become increasingly important for a number of reasons, including protecting people from shoplifting and preventing the theft of personal information. However, it is also a trade-off.

In a recent investigation, the federal, Alberta and BC Privacy Commissioners found that Cadillac Fairview had installed cameras inside its digital information kiosks at malls across Canada without their customers’ consent. It collected five million images and used facial recognition software to analyze shoppers’ ages and genders.

The company asserted that it made shoppers aware of the practice through decals on shopping mall entrance doors, but these measures were deemed insufficient by the Commissioners. CF also claimed that it was only collecting data during the testing and calibration process.

Camera Policy

A camera shopping mall can take a very strong position on whether you can record videos or photographs in their stores. This is because the owner of the property can make any rules they wish to regarding your behavior on their premises.

Usually, it is okay to use your camera in a store or a public area unless the store or property owner explicitly prohibits photography.

However, if the property owner tells you that you can’t record video or photographs, you should comply with their wishes and move on. Otherwise, you may face legal action and possibly jail time. For this reason, it is always a good idea to ask permission before filming. This is especially true for vlogs, which can be a great way to share your experiences with friends.