Frequent Cause of Migraine

Whether you are just starting to suffer from migraines, or you have been dealing with migraines for years, there are several common causes that could be contributing to your migraines. These can include stress, changes in weather, emotional abuse, overuse of medication, and food intolerances. Stress Among self-reported migraine attack triggers, stress is the most …

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Causes of Sebaceous Cysts

Sebaceous cysts form in the sebaceous gland, which produces the oily substance sebum, which coats the skin. A variety of factors can lead to the development of these cysts, including trauma, genetics, and misshapen sebaceous ducts. In some cases, they are also caused by cellular damage that may have occurred during a previous surgery. Sebaceous …

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Causes of Crohn’s Disease

There are a number of causes of Crohn’s disease. Some are linked to lifestyle and environmental issues, while others are due to a faulty immune system. Some risk factors include smoking, urban living, and family history. Other factors include bacterial overgrowth and an overactive or weakened immune system. Certain medications are also suspected to increase …

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