Hair Implant Hospital

A hair implant hospital is a place that provides high-quality medical treatment. This includes the surgical process, as well as post-operative care.

A surgeon will remove a strip of your scalp and relocate it to bald areas on your head. This is known as follicular unit transplantation (FUT).


The procedure entails taking small pieces of hair-bearing scalp from one part of the body (donor site) and transplanting them to a bald or balding part of the body (recipient site). It is used to treat thinning or balding areas in both men and women.

The hair follicles can be harvested using a variety of methods, such as a round tube (punch graft) that harvests 2 to 15 hairs, a scalpel slit graft that harvests 4 to 10 hairs or a strip graft that harvests up to 40 hairs. 압구정 모발이식

In some cases, a surgeon may use flap surgery instead of hair grafting. In this technique, a reconstructive surgeon implants balloon-like devices under a bald area of the scalp and slowly inflates them with saline to encourage the skin to grow extra cells.

The saline also encourages new blood vessels to form under the balding area, providing a healthy supply of oxygen and nutrients to the newly formed hair follicles. This is the most common method for regrowing hair in a balding area.


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Hair transplants can be expensive. The cost depends on the amount of hair you need transplanted and the type of procedure you choose.

Some factors that affect the cost of a hair transplant are the type of procedure, your surgeon’s skill level and how much of your scalp needs to be moved. A surgeon who has established themselves as an expert in their field can charge a higher fee than less experienced practitioners.

A hair transplant consists of extracting healthy hair follicles from one area of the scalp and placing them into another part of the scalp. The grafts are implanted using minimally invasive precision tools.

The surgery is performed in the doctor’s office. After injecting medicine to numb the back of the head, the doctor removes a strip of skin and sews it closed. This area is then hidden by the surrounding hair.