What is a Health Examination?

Health Examination

What is a Health Examination?

A Health Examination is an inspection of all or part of a person’s body to discover whether there is illness or injury. It can be conducted by a nurse or doctor, and it may include blood tests, imaging studies (such as X-rays or CT scans) or more in-depth diagnostics such as a heart echo or a pelvic exam. A health examination is important to help prevent disease and to ensure that a person is in good condition for any job or activity.

A health examination can be brief or extensive, depending on the reason for the visit. In addition to a history, the health examination usually includes questions about lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. The physician can use the opportunity to educate patients on healthy lifestyle habits, such as eating well and exercising regularly. 광화문건강검진

If you are about to undergo a physical exam, it’s a good idea to have all your medications and supplements handy so that the doctor knows what you are taking and can make an accurate assessment of your current state of health. It is also helpful to bring a list of your family’s medical histories.

During the health examination, the doctor will use a stethoscope to listen for signs of lung problems such as rales or wheezing, as well as the presence of clubbing, cyanosis or other evidence of disease in the fingers and toes. The doctor will also check the eyes and throat, look for a mole or rash and feel the abdomen to assess liver size and abdominal fluid. The back can also be checked for tenderness.

Other parts of the body that are inspected may include the skin, nails, and breasts and genitals for signs of cancer or infection. The muscles, nerves and joints are also examined. The lymph nodes, thyroid and carotid arteries are also evaluated. A urinalysis and a blood test are sometimes included in the health examination, especially when there is a suspected infection or abnormality of some kind.

A Health Examination is not a substitute for regular health visits. It is recommended that patients schedule an appointment at least once a year to discuss their health, take medication and update medical records. Patients should also be sure to follow up on any laboratory tests or other diagnostics that are ordered for routine Health Examinations. 연세로의료의원

In Pennsylvania, all students entering first grade are required to have a health examination completed by a licensed provider (MD, DO, PA, RN, CRNP, NP). CHDP helps families meet this requirement by linking them with their local provider. The provider then completes the necessary medical questionnaires that become part of the student’s school health record and the health examination form. The form is signed by the provider and becomes the student’s official school health certificate.