Start a Tteokbokki Franchise

Tteokbokki Franchise

When deciding to start a tteokbokki franchise, there are several factors you need to consider. One of the most important factors is location. Other factors include service, taste, and cleanliness. Deficiencies in any of these areas can threaten your bottom line, and even lead to bankruptcy. Many customers prefer cans of Coke that are at room temperature to cold ones.

Sinjeon Tteokbokki

The Sinjeon Tteokbokki chain originated in Daegu, Korea, in 1999 and currently has more than 670 franchise locations throughout the country. They specialize in tteokbokki, which are Korean rice cakes coated with chili paste. They were served to us in a delicious orange-red sauce and were soft and chewy, but had a spicy kick. You can sample their tteokbokki at one of their locations in the Zion Foodcourt Convoy mall.

The Sinjeon Tteokbokki brand has expanded internationally with franchises in the USA, Taiwan, and Vietnam. In addition, it recently opened its ninth overseas location in Melbourne, Australia.

Addal Tteokbokki

The Addal Tteokbokki franchise is Korea’s largest tteokbokki restaurant chain. The company has 920 licensed locations, and plans to expand in other Asian countries. Its founder is a Christian missionary turned entrepreneur. Addal Tteokbokki has opened stores in Japan and China.

The company’s unique sauce is made from fermented tomato red pepper paste, along with fish cakes and wheat cakes. The sauce is made to create a spicy, smooth taste. The soup has a fish cake broth, topped with spicy red pepper paste, which is typically sweeter than tteokbokki.

Kyochon Chicken

The name Tteokbokki Kyochon means ‘chicken with a good taste’, and this brand specializes in Korean fried chicken. The chicken is fried in a garlicky batter with a hint of sweetness. Each piece is served with a sauce that coats the surface of the chicken. Tteokbokki Kyochon Chicken is popular throughout the United States, and there are also locations in the Philippines and China.

The chicken is fried in a non-traditional fashion, and the sauces are unique. The lava red wing sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the chewy rice cake. Another funky condiment is the pickled daikon, which has a subtle sweet blend. This dish is served in a nonsensical rush.

Chicken Plus

Chicken Plus is a popular Korean chicken franchise that has proven to be a hit in countries all over the world. Founded just a few years ago, the franchise has quickly grown into a global business. With more than 500 locations domestically and 50 in international markets, the company is a leader in the fried chicken market. Its unique concept offers delicious Korean-style chicken as well as tteokbokki, spicy rice cakes that are unique to the brand.

The franchise will launch in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Portland this fall. The menu will feature many spicy entrees, as well as a variety of side dishes. The Chicken Plus Tteokbokki franchise will serve dine-in and take-out meals. Known for its signature Crispy Fried Chicken, the menu will also feature Yang-Nyuem Chicken, Hot Shocking Chicken, and Korean-style cheese balls.


A South Korean restaurant, the Young Dabang Tteokbokki franchise has an Instagram-worthy interior that’s sure to win you over. The enter, lucu, and keju make for a photo-worthy dining experience. 떡볶이창업 청년다방