Wrist Nodular Surgery?

wrist nodular surgery

What Types of Procedures Are Used in Wrist Nodular Surgery?

When you have an injury, arthritis, or genetic condition that causes wrist pain and disability, you may need surgery. Your doctor can help determine which type of surgery is best for you and your condition. Some surgical procedures can be done while you’re asleep, while others need to be performed under a general anesthesia.

Carpal Tunnel Release: This outpatient procedure releases the median nerve from the palm side of your wrist, reducing pain and restoring normal sensation to your fingers. This can be done through a small incision on your wrist or by using endoscopic techniques to create less pain and scarring.

Ganglion Cyst Removal: A fluid-filled sac that forms as a herniation from a joint capsule, ligament, or tendon sheath is called a ganglion cyst. Your doctor removes the ganglion cyst by making an incision in your skin and draining the fluid that is inside it.

Giant Cell Tumor of the Tendon Sheath (GCTTS): This is a soft tissue tumor that can develop in the tendon sheath, joint synovium, or bursae in your hand and wrist. It is usually very slow-growing and is considered benign. 손목결절종 수술

Dupuytren’s Contracture: A tight cord of tissue that binds the fingers together can form over time, impairing your ability to use your hand. If left untreated, the tight cords can cause you to lose strength in your fingers and hand and make it difficult for you to use them for daily tasks like dressing or driving.

There are several surgical treatments for Dupuytren’s disease

In a fasciotomy, the cords are cut but not removed, while in a fasciectomy, the cords are cut and the nodules are removed. This is a less invasive surgery and is often used to treat patients with a mild form of Dupuytren’s.

Wrist Arthroscopy: Our expert wrist surgeons can stabilize a wrist fracture, repair torn ligaments, and remove bits of cartilage that are causing your wrist to become locked up or painful. This outpatient procedure can reduce the amount of pain and discomfort you experience and speed your recovery.

Ruptured Tendon: In some cases, your doctor can repair a torn tendon in your wrist or hand by using a piece of undamaged tendon from another finger. This can help to prevent the tendon from rupturing again and is usually successful, but it’s important that you see your doctor for treatment early on in order to protect other tendons in your wrist or hand.

Skin Cancer: The most common cancer of the hand or wrist is squamous cell carcinoma, but it’s also possible to get basal cell carcinoma or melanoma. These cancers are more likely to spread if they’re diagnosed early, so it’s essential to see your doctor as soon as you notice a new growth in the hand or wrist. 강서구 정형외과

Your doctor may also recommend a core needle biopsy to look for tumor cells. This test can detect if you have a malignant (cancer-causing) soft tissue tumor such as a sarcoma. Your doctor may also want to do an ultrasound or MRI to look for signs of tumor growth.